Church Weekend 2020

We can’t go away together as a church for 48 hours as we’d planned this weekend – but there’s plenty we have planned instead – and for free!

We are thrilled Mark Bradford is still willing to be our speaker, leading us in “The Space Between”. He’s prepared five talks which can be viewed online through the email link, Facebook, or our church website, and the idea is to watch the videos on your own and then come together twice on Zoom to discuss briefly together and Mark will be there to answer questions too.

Here’s the timetable for the weekend – a variety of events but not as packed a timetable as normal, so that you don’t get online fatigue. All Zoom links will be available on our email list and Facebook.

Talks & Service

Talk 1 – (Intro) The Place of Exile

Talk 2 – The Time of Waiting

Talk 3 – The Wilderness

Sunday service (inc Talk 4)

Talk 5 – The Pit


Discussion Time 1 Saturday 18th July 2:00 PM

Meeting ID: 872 1268 0282 Password: See Church Facebook Page

Discussion Time 2 Sunday 19th July 4:00 PM

Meeting ID: 886 3871 7848 Password: See Church Facebook Page

Fun stuff & Competitions

Church Quiz! Friday 17th July 8:00 PM

Meeting ID: 863 1538 6615 Password: See Church Facebook page

Zoom Room Chat Saturday 18th July 4:00 PM

A chance to simply chat and catch up with no agenda. Bring a tea or coffee and see some friendly faces!

Meeting ID: 849 7813 1501 Password: See Church Facebook Page

Church Weekend Fun! Saturday 18th July 6:30 PM

“Pudsey’s Got Talent” presentation and Online games in Zoom – simple fun games you can do without leaving your house, suitable for all ages (children are encouraged to get involved!)

Meeting ID: 873 8931 4259 Password: See Church Facebook page

Pudsey Parish Have Got Talent

Silly Hat Competition

Make your own silly hat from items around your house (the bigger the better!).  Wear your hat on Saturday evening, the best hat will win a prize.

Sports Challenges

(Don’t forget to keep a note of your total score)
Speed Bounce - how many times can you jump over a toilet roll in 30 seconds?

Score 1 point per jump.

Clapping Catch - throw a ball or a rolled-up pair of socks straight up into the air, how many times you can clap your hands before catching the ball/socks?

Score 1 point per clap.

Keepie Uppies - using a ball or rolled up pair of socks how many keepie uppies can you do in a row in 1 minute? (Use any part of your body - hands/arms/feet/head), if you drop the ball/socks start counting again from 0.

Score 1 point per keepie uppie.

Photography Competition

Our theme is “Praise God in our everyday”
Take a photo of something or somewhere local that makes you smile - an item, place, nature, your favourite local view or anything else.

Photos will be voted for by members of our church Facebook Group, send entries (max 2 per person) with your name to Sarah Dimery by Sunday afternoon who will put them onto Facebook anonymously for you to vote for your favourites during next week.

Zoom Games Evening

This Saturday, 18th July 6.30pm - 8pm

Join us to watch our Pudsey Parish Have Got Talent presentation and find out who’s won our competitions and challenges (don’t forget your silly hat!!) then take part in some easy, fun games suitable for all ages.  See the Church Facebook page for the zoom link.

The winners of the Silly Hat Competition and Sports Challenges will be announced at our Zoom games evening on Saturday at 6.30pm, the winning photo will be announced on Sunday 26th July.