Coronavirus Response

In line with the Church of England across the country, our church building is closed for worship and private prayer until further notice, until it is safe to open again. The church is by no means closed though – because the church is more than just the building and our online services are updated each week, and the church family is supporting one another and praying for the local community all the time.

Please see our Pudsey Community Project for the local response we’re spearheading. The drop off sessions are Monday to Saturday 10am-12 and Tuesday and Thursday evenings 6-8pm when donations to the Project of food, toiletries and money (including the facility to donate by contactless card) are welcomed at those times.  We regret that visitors at those times can only donate to the Project at the doors and must not enter the building, for the safety of our volunteers and recipients of food packages. Please stay at home if you have coronavirus symptoms and avoid touching surfaces. If you or someone you know needs help please contact the project with the contact details provided and we would be happy to help.

Do contact the church office if you want to know anything about what we can currently provide or what we will be able to provide in the future.