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The Church Calendar 2016 to 2021


I'm sure we all know what date Christmas Day is, but what about the other dates that move about ?



  Ash Wednesday Palm Sunday Easter Day Ascension Day
(Whit Sunday)
Advent Sunday
2016 10th Feb. 20th Mar. 27th Mar. 5th May. 15th May. 27th Nov.
2017 1st Mar. 9th Apr. 16th Apr. 25th May. 4th Jun. 3rd Dec.
2018 14th Feb. 25th Mar. 1st Apr. 10th May. 20th May. 2nd Dec.
2019 6th Mar. 14th Apr. 21st Apr. 30th May. 9th Jun. 1st Dec.
2020 26th Feb. 5th Apr. 12th Apr. 21st May. 31st May. 29th Nov.
2021 17th Feb. 28th Mar. 4th Apr. 13th May. 23rd May. 28th Nov.


These dates are some of the principal ones in the Christian calendar, and they break the year up into different "seasons", but not quite the same as the ones the trees follow !

The reason we have a special calendar is to remember the significant events in our Lord Jesus Christ's time here on earth, as set out in the scriptures.

Advent, Christmas & Epiphany

The church year starts at the beginning of Advent, on the fourth Sunday before Christmas Day. It is a time of preparation for Christmas and the celebration of His coming to us on earth as a human baby.

The Epiphany is the 6th of January, the 12th day after Christmas Day, although it may be celebrated on the Sunday before.

Epiphany ends after "the Presentation of Christ in the Temple" (Candlemas) on the 2nd February, then we start the count down to Lent. There are a variable number of Sundays in this period as the next event is not on a set date, but varies with the date of Easter, as shown in the table above.

Lent and Easter

Ash Wednesday is the first day of Lent, and falls in the seventh week before Easter Sunday. Holy Week is the week before Easter Day, and starts with Palm Sunday.  It includes Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Eve (Saturday).

On Good Friday we remember the death of Jesus on the Cross.

On Easter Day we remember the events of the "Third Day" - His Resurrection.

The week following Easter Day is known as Easter Week.

There are five Sundays after Easter Day before the next significant day - Ascension Day.

Ascension and Pentecost

Ascension Day is always the sixth Thursday after Easter Day. We remember the Ascension of Jesus to heaven, following his final time on earth amongst the Apostles.

The Day of Pentecost (Whit Sunday) is the time we remember the coming of the Holy Spirit "like flames" on the Apostles, as promised by Jesus.   This is the second Sunday after Ascension Day

Trinity to Advent

Trinity Sunday is the week after Pentecost, when we remember the "Three in One", the Father, Son and Holy Spirit aspects of God our Creator.

Trinity lasts until November 1st, All Saints Day, when we start to count down to the first Sunday in Advent and the start of a new Christian year.

Dated Info
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