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Setting up membership

If you have found this page it means that you have a received your login email with user name and password and followed the link.

If you go the the website, to the top right of a page, just under the menu, there is a link called Login.

location of member login link







Click on this and the login box will open and you will see two boxes named Username: and Password:

Copy or type the username and password that you have received in the welcome e-mail into the appropriate boxes.

Once logged in you will see a Members Home Page.

If you click on the "X's Area" menu item (X = your first name), you will see a screen something like this :-

members area at login

Click on the  options tab and see the screen below.

None of the radio buttons will have been set as this is your first time.

Please set the buttons as the diagram below

If you are having difficulty in viewing this page and working with the actual website, please click here for a printable version.

members options setup