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There are 14 photo albums.

Paul Ayers Leaving "do"
A party held in church on the eve of Paul's last service.

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Flower Festival 2016
Running from Saturday 30th July to Thursday 4th August, displays representing activities in the church and for our community of Pudsey.

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Jonathan Veira - 21 Nov 2015
In aid of World Vision, Jonathan Veira with Family and Friends gave a concert in our church.

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Believe in Pudsey Mission Week
Photos from some of the events that happened during our Believe in Pudsey Mission. Tuesday 5th to Sunday 11th May 2015.

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Youth & Children's work
Occasional photos from some of our younger member's events.

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Occasional pictures
Pictures that aren't from any particular event or having a common subject

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Pudsey Library 50th year
Pudsey Library is celebrating it's 50th anniversary this year (2014).
As part of these celebrations, on the 14th of March, St Lawrence & St Paul donated bibles and other Christian books to the library.

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Advent and Christmas 2013
Activities and events in December 2103

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Holiday Club - August 2013
Pictures of the August 2013 Holiday Club - Keep Calm and All Aboard. Noah's Ark.

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The church re-ordered.
Photos we have taken since the re-ordering in 2002. Sometimes it feels that it is a different building.

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Bells and the clock
Photos of the bells and the clock (post 2007).

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Before the 2002 reordering.
Photos taken before we re-ordered in 2002, some taken in February of that year, others earlier.

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Views of the church
Photos of the church from different times of the year.

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Views from the tower
A selection of views from the top of the church tower taken in January 2011.

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